Sunday, 15 July 2012

I love lists. 

There are four types of people:

1. The unorganised, unorganised person: This person makes no attempt whatsoever to give the impression that they know where their passport is ten minutes before their flight- nor do they know where it is. This  person lives in chaos and everyone knows it.
2. The unorganised, organised person: They may have a 'stuff' cupboard, which looks like a charity shop vomited in it but they know EXACTLY where that diary is, from 1999, which they only wrote in once.
3. The organised, unorganised person: They have individually labelled storage boxes inside their storage boxes but god knows where that bloody passport is.
4. The organised, organised person: Think Monica from 'Friends'. And be afraid, very afraid.

Apologies for the fact that you will now be unable to use the word organised for at least a week.

Anyways the point of this little anecdote is that I'm generally a mix of number 2 and 3, as in I know the dress I reallllllllly want to wear is in my wardrobe....somewhere.... at the back.... under a thing. I think.

However the way I add order to chaos is by endless list making. I LOVE lists. I make lists on a daily basis; long, short, necessary, unnecessary. ButI write them everywhere- the back of a cereal pack, the tv guide, most frequently my hand. The more relevant I will post here so other year abroaders can use and adapt. Well that's my excuse- the real reason is that I'll lose them down the back of the sofa.

So to start us off:

The list of lists. 

(yes I really am going to make a list of all the lists I need) 

  • Acceptance confirmation i.e. all forms to be sent/ companies to be contacted. 
  • Preparation: banking, doctors, what I need to buy.
  • Packing: fitting my life into a suitcase
  • Getting there- bus timetables, flights etc.  
  • Blogs/ diaries I need to keep: both official and unofficial 
  • What needs done once I get there. 
  • Where I want to visit once there
  • What I want to do there ( the fun one :) ) 
Sometimes I wonder if I'm a little insane but then I get distracted by something shiny.... 

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