Friday, 13 July 2012

And so it begins....

Why hello there!

After months of waiting, waiting and more waiting I FINALLY know where I'm heading for my year abroad!

I was allocated to my first choice region- Andalucía, which is in the south of Spain:

Yesterday I got confirmation of where I will be teaching! It's a town called Aguadulce, about 10km away from Almería, which is a very pretty but fairly unknown city. I will be the Auxiliar de Conversación for a bilingual primary school- C.E.I.P Arco Iris, where I'll be working about 12 hours a week. Initially I'd wanted to work in a secondary school but I'm actually quite relieved to be given younger children- hopefully they'll respect me a tiny bit more (please, please, please). Also their website plays happy music when you open it :)

Today I wrote to the Director del Centro, which was terrifying for two reasons:
1) I have forgotten all Spanish I ever knew.
2) The email address looked extremely weird and I had a mild panic attack when I thought I might have to phone the school and actually talk in spanish to find out where to write to.

Fortunately I realised that as weird as it looks it is the correct address so now I'm just waiting for the reply. In the meantime I have to fill out erasmus grant forms, wait to find out when my induction day will be and then confirm my position once I hear back from my school.

I'm a lot more excited now I know where I'm going and slightly less nervous. Being placed in a town near a city is pretty much the best of both worlds AND the school is straight down the road from the beach. 

Also checking out where I'm going on Google Images definitely helped! 

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