Tuesday, 14 August 2012

5 weeks to go!

Wow it sounds insanely close when you say it like that....

So I have a little more information now which is a relief seeing as I've still had no contact from the school :(

We were given the email addresses of all the assistants in our area last year. I emailed two, one who lived in Almería and the other lived in Aguadulce and taught at the school I'm going to. The second replied and was soo helpful!

She says the school were great last year in getting her settled- picked her up at the airport and helped her with accommodation. She told me about websites she used to find a flat, and advice on how to do it. She's also offered me numbers of people she knows in the area who want lessons (plus teaching resources to use) and seemed to see this as one of the most enjoyable parts of her year abroad.

It's quite a nice feeling to have some kind of personal connection to this whole thing at last. Before this it's mostly been official government emails or friendly but impersonal messages from the British Council so an actual human conversation is nice to see!

I really really really really really need to start learning some Spanish again. I think I've forgotten all of it.

I'm running a 10k in Belfast in September and after a weekend of being either drunk or hungover the entire time I really need to detox so for the next three weeks I'm tee-total and healthy. Maybe this'll help me be a little more dedicated to being studious/organised.


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