Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Nope I've not found another two sides to Mr Grey.

Hey that's the number of my granny's house :D

Sorry, got side tracked. It's 52 days until I leave for Spain. In fact, in exactly 52 days and ten minutes from now I should be arriving in Almería.

I think I've worked out my plan pretty well:
Thursday 20th: Head down to my uncles house in Belfast to stay.
Friday 21st 7am: Set off for International airport.
9:35am: Flight to Malaga
1:45pm (local time): Arrive in Malaga and head to the central bus station about 10k away.
3:30pm-So I have time for lunch in between!:) : Bus to Almería
6:30pm: Arrive in Almería!

I think I've used the phrase "man up" to myself at least 20 times in the last week. Travelling is going to be a HUGE part of next year. For someone who lives in a country where you can drive from one end to the other in about 3 hours, it's going to be a shock to the system. 

I've purposely arranged it so that I arrive on a Friday night, therefore I can use the weekend to settle in without the temptation to immediately start organising/ registering for everything. I'd like to be able to ask for a coffee without shaking before I actually attempt to read and sign a contract.

I've also booked into a hostel for a week once I arrive! It looks pretty student friendly so hopefully they'll be used to lost little auxiliars asking for advice about- well about pretty much everything.

One major positive of going to a little city no one has ever heard of has also become more apparent as I've searched for info (usually fruitlessly) to the very edges of the internet- Almería is bloody cheap! :D Well according to everyone who visited it/stayed there as recently as last year. It seems that it's one of the last places where tapas comes free with your drink (which is also not extortionate) and the rent is reasonable too if you look around. Oh and someone also talked about being on the beach in their bikini at the start of February. Considering I've just come back from a run that left me looking like a drowned rat this news could not be more welcome!

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