Friday, 24 August 2012

Getting a little Philosophical

Wow, that's the first time I've figured out how to use the 'Title' function in this site, nice one Sarah!

So last week I got in a bit of a rut. My excuse? It's August. I ALWAYS spend at least one or two weeks of August doing absolutely nothing and feeling totally useless about myself. It's kind of like an annual mid year crisis and this year it manifested itself in a week long sofa bound Gossip Girl marathon. Now while this sounds like a week well spent, it left me feeling totally lost in terms of planning this whole year abroad thing. My school still hadn't (and still hasn't) contacted me, I had no where to live and no contacts in the city at all. Not good.

So I decided to sort my life out, starting, of course, with an enormous clear out and my old friend: multiple lists :)

That night I found the Facebook group for all the other assistants in my area next year.

I used to scout out potential rooms and I have a possible flat next year! 3/4 spanish girls, all students, looking for another flatmate. They're sending me pictures once they move in next week!

I tried phoning the school but got no response however the lovely assistant from last year has sent me the address of the bilingual co-ordinator so I now have a new contact.

                                                            And now to satisfy my list craving I've made myself a little
      Spain scrapbook, look:

      In it I've included the following:
             Reasons Why I'm Doing This
             Pre Departure Checklist
             Packing List
             Arrival To-Do List
             Personal Documents
                                                               Numbers and Addresses
                                                                   Places I Want to Visit
                                                                   Useful Websites
                                                                   What I Want to do There
                                                                    Books and Films

This post is already getting wayyyy too long so I'll explain it more fully in another post but the one I want to focus  on is the last: Resolutions. I don't want to go to Spain and get into the kind of rut I did last week so I've made myself some resolutions to try and make the most of my time there.

  1. Go out every evening (unless sick and hangover does not count). I can stay inside when I'm back in rainy Belfast. Whether it's to a bar, a cafe, or even just a walk on the beach  GO OUTSIDE (like pippin, RIP) 
  2. Take a picture everyday. Of anything or anyone. 
  3. Smile even when you're feeling sad. No one likes a grumpy tourist. 
  4. NEVER say no to something that doesn't compromise your safety. Someone suggests snorkling, tap dancing, mountain climbing, japanese sword dancing, I'm doing it. 
  5. You can sleep when you're home. 
  6. Speak and never be embarrassed for getting it wrong, if you tried. I think I'm going to need to remind myself of this one a lot! 

When I was at school my Spanish teacher told us a phrase "Los hombres son del viento, pero las amigas son para toda la vida" Men are of the wind but friends are for life. 
I've adjusted this slightly to "Los problemas son del viento, pero las memorias son para toda la vida" Problems are of the wind but memories are for life. Incredibly cheesy, but also incredibly true. 

Hasta la vista :) 


  1. Sarah a year abroad scrapbook is GENIUS!!! I know I'm already here but I might get some paper and make one for myself

  2. Haha my next blogpost will be about what's in it which I'll HOPEFULLY get round to today :)

  3. Hey Sarah! I love what you've done with the little phrase! Its perfect for your situation! And mine infact, on the 27th of September I'm heading over to Barcelona to be a Language Assistant as well. I had the same problem with the school and accommodation, but the school contacted me a couple of days ago and I ended up finding some accommodation too, so I'm a little more organised! I love that you have planned to take one photo a day! I might do the same! Looking forward to following your adventure! Good Luck!!

  4. Hi Adele! Aw that's brilliant, I've visited Barcelona before and it is a truly amazing city, I'm sure you'll have an amazing time!