Monday, 8 October 2012


Well I've been here for over two weeks now and finally I don't feel like I have to walk around with a map building up the courage to simply ask for food and telling myself to calm down every so often. I have a favourite cafe, two lovely flatmates, a slowly developing group of erasmus friends and slightly less fear of speaking Spanish in group situations- we are getting there! I wish I could blog more but I still don’t have internet at home. I started work this week and the children are truly adorable! They are still at the age when they want to learn and having a new person in the classroom is exciting. They want to know all about where I’m from and all the little ones take my hand. I went on a trip with Erasmus this weekend with Erasmus which was A LOT of fun but I definitely want to visit other cities later alone or with a smaller group- more sightseeing, less fiesta. Although speaking of fiesta, this Friday is the Día National de Espana so I have it off- working for two weeks and already a fiesta. Oh Spain. Anyways I have a lot more to say than this but I shall have much more time when the bloody internet hurries up.
Hasta Luego! 

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