Friday, 26 October 2012

Autumn is here (kind of).

Well the temperatures have dropped to a ghastly 18 degrees, it's rained...twice, and I no longer feel like I'm in an oven if I wear my jeans before 6pm. Apparently autumn is here.

They even kept the children inside at break today and I saw one shivering later! I don't think we were allowed inside unless there was a tsunami.

A gift from one of my students
So what have I been up to this week? Well my mum arrived fora five day visit :D and I got to show her the city. It made me realise how far I've actually come since I've been here: not needing a map anymore, understanding the eating habits, opening times and being able to say "no no I know this really good tapas place, just keep walking!" The negative point of two white people walking around is that I've been treated like a tourist for the first time. I want to wear a big sign on my head saying "I just opened a bank account in Spanish, I understand 'Hola' and 'dos euro'"

Other than that it's been back to school and I feel I'm starting to get into the swing of private teaching more. Also the kids are so adorable, they always want to show me what they're doing or drawing. Yesterday one poked me and when I turned round, sung a song in japanese to me. Teaching really introduces you to how truly random children are...

Tonight I'm intending to head to a salsa night. Please wish me and the poor Spanish onlookers good luck....

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