Monday, 26 November 2012

San José

There's nothing like deciding you want to DO something with your weekend, going on a day trip and spending approximately 8 hours alternating between sitting, eating and drinking. Bliss.

 San José is a tiny little town just beside the nature reserve, Cabo de Gata. During summer it has over 1000 inhabitants but in winter, the number falls to around 200. After arriving and having a quick look around we decided to get rid of the enormous weight of food we had brought with us and have a picnic. Four hours later, full of vino and mucha comida, and even a little sunburnt (in November!) we recharged our batteries with a quick coffee and went for a wander through the streets of white washed houses.

                                                                                   The view was truly stunning and it's not hard to see this area is so popular in summer. After following some mysterious "Studio arte" signs we found an adorable house belonging to a painter, who makes her living selling the works she paints from her window and opening her home to the public as a mini art gallery.

A glass of wine later and it was time for home.

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