Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Seville and Córdoba

Plaza de España
Ridiculously long public holidays and getting every Monday off means that it would be a genuine crime not to travel every time a puente comes around. Therefore, to avoid incarceration, 7 of us set off bright and early on Thursday morning for the looooong trip to Seville.

Seville is the capital of Andalucia and rightly so in my opinion. It's heaving with history, tapas and fiesta, and there's something oh so quintessentially Spanish about those orange trees. The people are passionate (rude) and the enormous festival which was taking place while we were there gave us a glimpse into their strong adherence to tradition.
Christmas market in Seville
The Plaza de España, the world famous Cathedral and the Álcazar were all visited. In fact we fell in love with the Plaza de España so much that we decided to go twice- and Occupy Almería while we were at it*! It was also hard to resist spending all our time at the Christmas markets!

The Mezquita
After a lengthy night out and ungodly rise at 10am it was time to head to Córdoba. A much smaller city, Córdoba doesn't have quite the same buzz as Seville but it does have an intricate network of beautiful streets and a fascinating, if somewhat bloody, history. We came to this conclusion after finding a street named "Calle Cabeza" after the children one of the leaders of the city were killed and had their heads displayed along the street. Oh that, and our hostel was most definitely haunted.
Córdoba's most famous monument is the Mezquita, which has both a Mosque and Cathedral in one. Definitely worth a visit and it's free if you can get there before 9:30am- but make sure the guard is in a good mood.

Mini Steph
The best thing about this trip has to be the amount of laughter on it: from inventing 'Callie-ing' after our very own Callie Longo: Standing awkwardly near an object/person; to telling our Italian roommates that they were ghosts; to stealing portraits from the hostel to replace Steph in the photographs.

Look very closely to the right and
you can see some real life Callie-ing!

The craic was mighty.

*The Plaza has small squares dedicated to each province in Spain. We decided to sleep off our hangovers in a familiar setting...

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