Monday, 7 January 2013


Sitting at the airport ready to fly back to Spain for 7 whole months! Yup, I’m one of those Starbucks wankers with a laptop so I am successfully completing hipster look #109- boom.  While I’m too tired to actually ask for the wifi code I thought I’d start a cheeky blog post before I try to hide the rest of my stuff on me so easyjet doesn’t charge me a fortune.
(NB I obviously did not finish the blog post at the airport as it is now 11pm and I'm tucked up in my Almería bed)

I mentioned a few days ago that I wanted to make a list of goals for Spain, rather than resolutions and I’ve managed to come up with about 8 ideas, mostly goals, with the odd resolution of two thrown in for good measure.

1.      1. Visit at least 8 more Spanish cities.
I have a list of places I want to visit in Spain as long as my arm, but after fitting in two major cities in one puente I’ve realised that if I actually want to enjoy my travels properly I’ll have to make sure not to pack too much in at once! I’m making my general list into more of a ‘Life goal’ and instead will attempt to get to 8 cities before I leave. I already have plans for Alicante, Valencia and Cádiz so hopefully 5 more will be do-able!
2.       2.Go to a music festival.
Right so I love music and I think it gives you a really great insight into the culture of an area. In the UK music festivals usually consist of mud and welly boots so I am DETERMINED to make the most of the summer sun and make it to at least one Spanish music festival- there’s one in Benidorm that’s headlined by Two Door Cinema Club that I’m very tempted by!
3.      3. Take up a class.
This is one thing I wanted to do last year but the upheaval of moving kind of got in the way. I would love to take a dance class but if not then something artsy based would be good- one of my personal resolutions is to be more creative this year; going to primary school arts classes has inspired me!
4.   4. Complete everything on my ‘Things to do in Almería list’
To be fair I think I’m getting through that pretty nicely as it is. Having that list sticking up is soo useful when I think I’ve nothing to do and then just make myself look at it, pick an item and do it. Hopefully I’ll get to some of the local areas too.
5.     5.Spend less time on facebook.
      Ok so everyone who’s met me knows I’m a facebook addict. To be honest I normally just have it on in the background and use it as light distraction- honest! But while this works pretty ok most of the time it can have a slightly more negative effect in Spain; I get far too caught up in what people are doing at home. Most of my Spanish friends spend their time on Tuenti, so really I spend a lot of time on facebook feeding any mild homesickness I’m experiencing. It’s a great way to keep in contact but I want to limit contact so I make sure I’m not sitting on facebook while missing out on enjoying myself here.
6.   6.  Learn about Spanish politics.
Yea this one is quite important. I pretty much know zilch. Which is pretty shit when the government reforms are making a serious impact on the lives of people here, and street protests are a weekly sight. So I’m making a conscious effort to check out some politics books and buy a national newspaper once in a while!
7.    7. Write in Spanish every week.
This one is mostly covered by the private class I’m taking but it’s pretty much the only aspect of Spanish I can’t improve just by being social or going through daily life, and yet it’s one of the most important skills.
8.      8. Remember to have a sense of humour.
So I came with this attitude and it worked. Laughing at embarrassing moments was the only way to cope. But as the year goes on you get sick of making mistakes when simply ordering food, or of people thinking you’re a passing tourist. Work can get stressful, I got pretty homesick just before Christmas and I always feel like I’m just not doing enough! However I really want to remember to step back, laugh and just chill out a bit. When I went home I mostly focussed on the positives when I told people about Spain, as every year abroader does. This can lead to the feeling that everyone is having a perfect year and any hitches in your own are a total disaster. So pleeease, crazy brain- no more stressing! You have 7 months to do, so what if you’re not a fluent uber amazing teacher by the end? Just make some epic stories for when you get back. 

Now I seriously need to sleep as it's back to work tomorrow and I've just travelled over 1000 miles on 3 hours sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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