Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions

It's January 2nd, the day I consider to be the first day of the new year; because really January 1st is just a day to eat junk food and cry until your hangover and guilt at having not started your resolutions, eases. The resolutions I make for myself are not really of any particular interest to anyone else, so instead, for this blogpost, I thought I'd analyse the resolutions I made for myself before I went to Spain and see how they're going 3 months later. 

  1. Go out every evening (unless sick and hangover does not count). I can stay inside when I'm back in rainy Belfast. Whether it's to a bar, a cafe, or even just a walk on the beach  GO OUTSIDE (like pippin, RIP) 
Ok well EVERY evening was probably a bit of a long shot. There have been at least 3 Sundays where I have not left my bed for more than an hour as the Spanish nightlife has taken its tole. However I have tried to be as active as possible and I have spent an enorrrmous amount of time in cafes and tapas bars! 

     2.Take a picture everyday. Of anything or anyone. 

This failed. However I have several folders full of hundreds of pictures of my Spanish adventure, so really I think I'm doing fine. I've also managed to keep my own diary going, writing every couple of days- for the first time in my life.

    3. Smile even when you're feeling sad. No one likes a grumpy tourist. 

Haha this was aimed at two personal traits, one being that I'm a horrible morning person and worried I'd be grumpy while on weekends away, and two I overthink everything and can manage to bring myself down for no reason- especially when I'm away from my best friends. Remembering to smile has been pretty important. I've surprised myself while travelling in that I've usually been so excited to be seeing a new city that I've forgotten to be tired. However overthinking has often come into play, mostly when something is going wrong or when I'm missing home. The best way I've found to combat that was just to go outside and walk around the city! Seriously it never fails. No matter what I'm sad about I just go and walk along the beach and then into the city centre, and suddenly it seems a lot better.
Erasmus trip to Cabo de Gata

       4. NEVER say no to something that doesn't compromise your safety. Someone suggests snorkling, tap dancing, mountain climbing, japanese sword dancing, I'm doing it. 

Hahaha ok well none of what I've done has been quite as...odd as that but I do think I've achieved this one pretty well. Remembering this was what made me go on my first Erasmus trip through which I made so many new friends, it made me go to a night lit flamenco performance with someone I'd just met- who is now one of my best friends- it took me salsa dancing, and just so many other things. Just say...yes! 

     5.You can sleep when you're home. 

Kinda forgot I was going to Spain where sleeping is like a national sport...well ok I have slept in far too many times; however I think that any time the decision was between doing something awesome or sleeping, I've pretty  much always gone for the awesome thing, so that's good enough for me!

     6.Speak and never be embarrassed for getting it wrong, if you tried. I think I'm going to need to remind myself of this one a lot! 

"Never be embarrassed so long as you tried"- I think this has been my mantra. There's nothing like a year abroad to teach you how to get on with being utterly humiliated. I've made a fool of myself on more times than I'd care to admit and 'got it wrong' even more. However I have TRIED. Oh so much. And I do genuinely think it is paying off. :) 

So overall I feel like I've been doing pretty well. One of my friends told me that he doesn't make resolutions, he makes goals. So now that I have enough mantras to keep me from bursting into tears on a public bus, I thought I'd make the second half of my journey more goal orientated. I haven't had time to think of any yet so I'll give my brain a shake for a few days (or hours, let's face it I don't have a great attention span) and let you know when I come up with something. Ciao. 

Also apologies for the weird white background, Google blogspot seems to be having a mild fit.

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