Friday, 15 March 2013


Last puente it was time for a different kind of travel. Normally the structure goes as so:

1. Decide I want to travel.
2. Find others who want to travel.
3. Book transport to bus stations I've never heard of.
4. Book hostels and hope for the best.
5. Arrive and get lost. A lot.

This time was slightly different.

1. Be asked to go to Alicante.
2. Go- no organisation required.

Ahhh Bliss.

My flatmate Lidya invited me and 2 friends to spend a weekend visiting her family in Alicante. Her brother became the designated driver for the weekend and we set off on Thursday afternoon; 5 people, most of whom were hungover, and a dog squished into a tiny car.

Lidya lives in a couple of towns outside the main city of Alicante so most of the time we spent in the city was after dark. This was actually the perfect situation as Alicante is famous for its exciting and diverse nightlife; my friend Amanda describes it as "'Cuatro Calles' on crack."*

While visitng her family we were treated to a number of typical foods from the region. In fact her family took great amusement out of the fact that we would eat or drink anything they gave us if they told us it was 'typical spanish'. The first dish was a tradtional paella, made with rabbit meat, cooked in a large pan on an outdoor fire. It was amazing. The following day was slightly rainier and when the weather is bad it's a custom to make migas. We were treated to gachamigas, which is a dish from Lidya's town, made with flour. It kind of reminded me of what stuffing would taste like without meat. Again it was delicious, however my stomach STILL is not accustomed to eating large meals in the middle of the day and I found myself struggling to finish my plate.

The nightlife, as predicted, was fantastic. In all honesty I don't remember an awful lot of my nights out in Alicante, but I know I had an epic time. However Lidya and her brother, Román, did note that the impact of the crisis is quite obvious- while the streets are full there are a few more bars than usual that are unusually empty.

All in all it was a great, fun but also relaxing weekend away and I would love to return to Alicante in summer, to make the most of it's beautiful beaches- Hint hint!! :P

P.S. Marley had a great time too!

*'Cuatro calles' translates as 'four streets' and is the main 'going out' area in Almería, full of bars and clubs.

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